Whitney is easily the kindest person you'll encounter should you have the pleasure of working with her. To say she was raised by dogs is only the slightest of exaggerations. From her early years learning from her mother how to engage and work with Wolf Hybrids, to running wild on her grandfathers' 750-acre ranch in Dog Branch, Tennessee, Whitney has had a full and diverse education in the care, selection, development, and training of companion dogs for families. Even before she could read, Whitney was fully immersed in her own " Self Education" and memorized every single breed in the AKC Breed Books by doing what Whitney does best. Asking questions and listening.

Her decades of experience in professional animal care started at the tender age of 18 when she started full-time working as a Vet Tech and was responsible for all levels of animal care.

She soon followed that up with an immersed working apprenticeships with Master Trainers Teddy Parks and our very own Master Trainer David Harris. Having the desire, dedication, and drive to be the best, Whitney absorbed material quickly, organized her thoughts efficiently, and soon became a valued member of our training teams.

As a licensed AKC Evaluator, Whitney has the education, experience, passion and the unique ability to listen and understand the needs of her clients. Whitney has turned her passion for animals into a career of service to families. As a mom herself, she really understands and cares about each and every dog and each and every family she has the honor to serve.

Heart & Soul