What is Big Dog Heart?

Our mandate at DDS is to raise small, companion, family, and child-oriented pet dogs that have the heart and temperament of a big, steady, happy, family dog. While that sounds easy it is not. By their varied nature, many small breeds are nervous, fearful, and resist training and handling. Many small dogs and dogs, in general, are afraid of small children and their nature is to lash out in fear.

Decades of Master Level in training, breeding, breed selection and the development of small dogs for families has allowed DDS to become the World Leader in the market of " Home Raised", " Professionally Trained" small dogs for the family.

Very early training, using scientifically proven positive reinforcement methods, followed by rigorous foundation basic obedience and impulse control work has proven highly effective in altering the brain chemistry of small dogs and has allowed us to raise small dogs that are happier, more willing to please and have the mental hardness and nerve to cope with stressors far superior to their peers raised in less demanding programs that coddle and pander to their small size. We have high expectations of our small friends and we have found that by raising our expectations these small dogs become mighty and "rise up" to our expectations of them. The program works and the proof is in our body of videos showing the results of our work. Other companies talk about what they can do. We show it. The Proof Is In The Pudding!