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Get What "YOU" Want

You have been wanting a fully trained, home raised, professionally developed dog for yourself or your family. You have searched high and low and you cannot find one. Now you have the chance to not only get the dog of your dreams, but be able to make payments towards that super dog instead of one lump payment. You cannot go wrong with the BAB Program. We have raised, trained and delivered BAB dogs all over the world. The "Proof is in the Pudding" and the Pudding is Good. We have thousands of videos showing our process in action.

$2,500/month is paid in advance of each month towards the training and development of your personal super star companion dog. Contract minimums will vary based on breed, your needs and wants. Contact Whitney @ 502-333-2483 to discuss the breed, your needs, your goals and to decide if this is the right way for you to acquire a super dog, a dream dog, for your families companionship and enjoyment.

Custom trained to what you want.

Our amazing team of "Breed Specialist" can assist you in understanding and finding the best puppy available to start your journey with. Key to the success of any program is understanding the individual strengths and weaknesses of the breeds available and being able to help you match the right puppy to start the project with. This program starts with a personalized, one on one, interview with you to discuss your needs, wants and "Dreams" for your next dog. Call now to get the process started.

In the BAB program you will pay for the puppy and it will be yours hence forward. It will stay with us for personal development/training and you will pay monthly for your puppies board, care and professional training by our elite training staff at Dream Dog Sales. Progress comes rapidly using very advanced positive reinforcement methods designed to quickly teach many behaviors, good habits as well as build confidence on our way to a dream dog with "BDH". {add hyper text link to BDH video}

The BAB program allows you to have a dream dog custom trained to your exact specifications. We have honed this craft over the last thirty years and have produced hundreds of super high quality personal companion dogs that have been raised and trained to the clients exact specifications. Contact us now to learn more.


Build A Buddy

Our Build A Buddy programs are building some of the finest young dream dogs in the world.