1. Britton von Prufen
  2. 07/05/2018
  3. 11.0
  4. $5,000.00
  5. Super Dog Professionally Trained Small Size With Big Heart Kid Friendly Parent Approved
  6. OMG OMG OMG!!!

    Yes, you heard me right. OMG "IS" the best way to start the description of this amazing little powerhouse, super star obedience and trick master dog.  When we talk about small dogs with big dog heart Britton is the prototype.  She is all that and so much more.  Britton, Britton you sweet, sweet kitten is the call name of this incredible super dog. 

    Be sure to watch her incredible videos and see what al the fuss is about.  Britton has mastered obedience and tricks that would make any dog blush and just doesn't match the image of a small terrier.  Happy, sweet, brains for days and a willingness to comply that is just shocking to watch in action.  Personally developed by Master Trainer Larry Hanna.  This sweet girl offers it all.  Including a legendary back flip that will just make YOU flip out and best of all she LOVES doing her tricks and WOWING the crowds that gather around to love on this Super Dog. 

  Britton has matured into the ultimate package and a prime example of the small dogs we have in development here at Dream Dog Sales. The Sister company of Protection Dog Sales. DDS is using the exact same training methodologies that has made PDS the world leader in personal protection dogs and have been wildly successful in developing small dogs with "BDH" Big Dog Heart. Typically small dogs are nervous and neurotic because of many factors. Utilizing decades of practical experience in building character we have developed a method of raising small dogs that produces happy, bold, loving and fun companion dogs that travel well, accept strangers, are kind and gentle with children and FUN, FUN, FUN to come play with and work with.They really are a dream come true for anyone that loves dogs.
 Britton is ready at moments notice to provide all the joy and happiness a person could possibly dream of. Are you ready for those dreams to come true ? Give us a call now and discuss your needs and wants. Call 502-643-5143 or Email jenni@protectiondogsales.com
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Watch Britton Videos Here

Super dogs like Britton don't just happen.  They are created though a perfect combination of breeding, early development, professional training and hundreds of hours of love and dedication to craft.  Watch Britton's playlist of training videos and SEE the development and training of a Super Dog.