1. Chester von Prufen
  2. 01/18/2021
  3. 18.0
  4. $15,000.00
  5. Non Shedding Incredible Temperament Fun Happy Small Dog Professionally Trained For Sale
  6.  Super Star Family Dog

    This young boy is a product of decades of dedication to producing the best temperament possible in a small dog. Chester is willing to please, naturally focused and empathetic with his family. Comibine all of this with the added bonus of NO HAIR ! The American Hairless Terrier is one of only a very few,  breeds that truly DO NOT SHED. All the benefits of our world class training program combined with a clean natured animal who wont leave anything behind after he's done cuddling. Who could possibly ask for more?

    Chester is a family dog.  He has a place in his heart for everyone and seems to tailor his drive and energy to the person he is attending to.  You want to run, swim, hike and bike?  Chester is in it to win it!  You want to pile up on the couch and watch old movies? Chester is down with that all day, every day if you want.  Snuggle?  Oh yes, a world class sweetheart that loves to give and receive attention.  This dog is all heart and he loves to share it. 


 Chester is just one of the super cool young small dogs we have in development here at Dream Dog Sales. The Sister company of Protection Dog Sales. DDS is using the exact same training methodologies that has made PDS the world leader in personal protection dogs and have been wildly successful in developing small dogs with "BDH" Big Dog Heart. Typically small dogs are nervous and neurotic because of many factors. Utilizing decades of practical experience in building character we have developed a method of raising small dogs that produces happy, bold, loving and fun companion dogs that travel well, accept strangers, are kind and gentle with children and FUN, FUN, FUN to come play with and work with. They really are a dream come true for anyone that loves dogs.
  In short Chester is all that and a bag of chips.  We love him and you will too. Give David a call now and discuss your needs and wants.  Call 502-542-9747-5143 or Email dogmailcsu@aol.com
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